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About Lori Shnorhokian

Our culture and upbringing play an important role in shaping how we respond to personal challenges or behave in relationships. As an Armenian child born in the U.S., I have seen firsthand how different experiences and perceptions can change the way we interact with people and engage with the world. Growing up within two different cultures helped me recognize at a young age that the barriers to happiness and connection that so many people experience can appear much smaller when you view them from a new, larger perspective.

As I got older and continued to embrace new experiences, I gained further insight into how individuals and couples think and communicate. Helping friends and family understand their challenges, build self-esteem and improve their relationships felt natural and fulfilling. I loved helping people see their situations in a new light, and I wanted to learn more about why people struggle and how they can manage or overcome the difficulties in their lives. So, eager to help others develop confidence and meaningful connections.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and the clinical coordinator at College Medical Center, I have substantial training and experience helping children, adolescents and teenagers, foster youth, families and adults manage a variety of personal and relationship challenges. I recognize that everyone experiences and copes with issues such as substance abuse, grief and loss, depression and anxiety in their own way, and I tailor my work to your particular challenges and needs. No matter what difficulty you are going through, I can help you understand why you are struggling and develop practical, effective solutions.