Adolescent Counseling

Adolescence is one of the most important times of a young person's life and it can bring about many challenges. Often, there can be depression or anxiety that comes with growing up into an adult. Facing obstacles throughout adolescence can also create difficulties with emotions and behaviors resulting in low self-esteem.

Developing into an adult can be easier when parents and families learn as much as they can about their children's lives and have the proper support with family therapy.

Through thoughtful care, I specialize in helping families navigate their relationships to strengthen their bond. With sympathy, empathy, and a safe environment, I help adolescents and families build their support systems together, to grow and develop into an adults who can be in a healthy relationships.

Offering both individual and family sessions, I can help with the emotional and cognitive change that adolescents go through, increasing self esteem, helping with changes in behavior, and improve relations with friends and family.

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